Core Beliefs


Root and Stem believes in exuding warmth and generosity through our service. Our team is here to serve you with genuine positive regard and an overwhelming desire to provide an experience, not just a service.


Our food makes us unique: by demonstrating care in what we source, care for the environment, and using only the best seasonal and local produce, we maintain our values of sustainability and environmental ethics.


We believe our clients deserve to be treated like family and shown the dedication to excellence we provide when feeding our own loved ones. We’re deeply devoted to providing an exceptional occasion.


Enthusiasm means delight in food, boundless passion for new cuisine and a constant process of expanding our repertoire. We are constantly pushing our own boundaries and exploring food’s flavors to create the best possible menus to showcase at your events.


We pride ourselves in knowing both your individuality and our own. We aren’t a mass-producing, one-size-fits-all company. Each event we create is customized to you, your desires, and your needs.


Excellence in professionalism, excellence in execution of menu, and excellence in delivering all aspects of service. From the first initial phone call to the final cleanup of your event. We guarantee excellence.

What Makes Root & Stem Different?

Elegance without pretension

The technical skills to put foams and pipettes on every plate; The restrain to know we don’t need to. Root and Stem specializes in innovative and unique menus that are always beyond the ordinary but without affect.

Team-Driven Collaboration

Root & Stem has a streamlined team with excellent communication skills driven towards providing the utmost in service. We’re large enough to execute your events seamlessly and with a professional, thorough staff, and small enough to provide the intimate and caring service you desire. Because we genuinely hold our clients in high esteem, we work with you as part of our team to bring your event to life.

Service Led

We believe in giving back. Whether through our own private and individual affiliations with philanthropies or our partnerships with nationally affiliated nonprofits, Root & Stem gives back to the community.

Quality Sourcing for Optimal Flavor

Root and Stem knows that a Caprese salad with hothouse tomatoes and mass-produced mozzarella cannot possibly compare to the simple bright acidity of an in-season heirloom tomato and locally-made, hand-pulled mozzarella. We believe in letting the lush flavor profiles of seasonal produce speak to our clients’ palates, and using our skill and expertise to provide tasteful refinement of those flavors.


Everything we serve is guaranteed to be handmade, fresh, and from scratch. You won’t see any big box deliveries to our office; rather, let our vendor team of local farmers, artisans, and butchers provide the highest quality of goods to serve your guests.


For more information on our amazing vendors, please click here.

Our Team


Craig Currie

Craig Currie

Chef / Owner

Gabriela Chacon Currie

Gabriela Chacon Currie

Co-Owner / Operations Director


Ronald Enriquez

Ronald Enriquez

Logistics Manager

Liz Bazoalto

Liz Bazoalto

Staffing/Administrative Assistant

Lexi Works

Lexi Works

Culinary Administrator