Farm to Table

Today’s modern society has led to incredible innovation across our entire lifestyles. However, this innovation has occurred concurrently with food practices that are less ethical, responsible, or safe. For today’s diner, a wide majority of the food being sold by restaurants and grocery stores is shipped out of season, with poorly flavored ingredients that have poor nutritional quality.

You won’t get that with our food.

We believe in sourcing locally.

By sourcing from local farms and vendors, Root & Stem supports small, family-run farms who are dedicated to heirloom and heritage ingredients. Because we know where our food is sourced, we know that we’re providing you, your employees, friends, family, and loved ones with food that is the highest quality, served at the peak of freshness, and sustainable for our future. You won’t find a single big-box vendor with pre-made and additive-enhanced ingredients on our list of suppliers.

No out of season,
big-box produce here.

We insist on creating food based around seasonal produce. Rather than feed you produce shipped from Chile, we’ll show you exactly which farm we get your vegetables from. Our dedication to farm-to-table practices translates to produce that is at peak deliciousness.

See where our food comes from!

What we provide comes from the Mid Atlantic farms and fisheries that go the extra mile to ensure their product is fresh and wholesome. Our vendor list also includes our equipment companies and beverage distributors that are always creating and sourcing new and unique products that we use for our clients. We believe that you can see, feel and taste this difference.
Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative, Hustontown PA
TOG was established in 1988 and sources from a seven-county region of south central Pennsylvania known as the Juniata River Valley. Each member is certified organic and must be re-certified annually. Availability lists are emailed to Root and Stem twice a week to reflect the constantly changing production of each farm.

Path Valley Farms Cooperative, Franklin County PA
A cooperative comprised of over 20 Amish farms who collectively provide produce to over 60 D.C. area restaurants as well as Root & Stem! Harvest updates are provided biweekly to us to choose our best possible produce.

Read about Path Valley Farms.

Baldor Produce
Originally begun as Balducci’s fruit stand in Greenwich Village in New York, Baldor has grown to be a prominent Mid-Atlantic supplier of fresh produce. Baldor ensures their produce is sustainable and responsible and personally visits each of their farms to assure they meet quality standards.

Coastal Sunbelt Produce
Coastal Sunbelt Produce is a leading distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region from Laurel, MD. They are dedicated to providing sustainable and responsible produce to the region. 

Lyon Bakery, Hyattsville, MD
Lyon Bakery is a highly lauded local artisanal bread shop that freshly bakes a wide variety of breads free of chemicals and preservatives daily. We are proud to associate with traditional breadmakers like Lyon Bakery.

Logan’s Sausage, Alexandria VA
Logan’s Sausage Company is a family-owned and operated specialty maker of fine sausage in Alexandria that creates a variety of Chorizo sausages, as well as Kielbasa, Italian, Andouille, Bratwurst and even more exotic varieties. Logan’s Sausage has no preservatives, MSG, or nitrates, making it allergen-friendly and of the highest quality.

Red Rooster Coffee
Red Rooster Coffee Specialty Coffee Roasters are dear to our heart. Based out of Floyd, VA (pop 432), RRC provides us with our own signature blends of specialty organic and fair trade premier coffee that are transparently traded, carefully sourced, and meticulously roasted for sumptuous flavor. RRC is family-owned, sustainable, and involves their vibrant local community in all aspects of its production for coffee with a conscience.


International Gourmet Foods
International Gourmet Foods is a family owned and operated business founded in 1987 on an initial product list of sundried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, saffron, and pasta. Today, the Springfield, VA based company supplies us with everything from charcuterie to truffles.

Profish is an industry leader in sustainable and environmentally conscious seafood sourcing, based out of a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Washington, D.C. Since 1988, Profish has handled purchasing, handling, and distribution of the area’s finest seafood.

Westmoreland Berry Farms
Westmoreland Berry Farms is located in Fredericksburg, VA, and provides us with some of the area’s finest berries, apples, peaches, asparagus, pumpkins, and more!

Huntsman Specialty Game
Huntsman Specialty Game sources their meat and game from local farms through responsible husbandry from their base in the Newington, VA, area. We are proud to associate with them and their farms for everything from Shenandoah lamb to Grimaud Farms Muschovy duck.

Artisan Truffles
We have deep appreciation for this husband and wife confectioner team based out of Reston, VA. Their hand-crafting and hand-decorating skills create some of the most beautiful and delicious truffles for our clients to enjoy.

Thumann’s Meats
For the best deli meat, we go to the source: New Jersey! Thumann’s only uses the finest and freshest ingredients to create deli meats that are certified gluten free, free of MSG, and all-natural. That means no antibiotics, growth hormones, nitrates or nitrites, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, no fillers, and no casein. The result is deli meat we’re extraordinarily proud to serve in a variety of our dishes.

Toigo Orchards
Toigo Orchards is responsible for providing us with plums, apricots, cherries, melons, and both Asian and European pears. They have over 12,000 trees and a certified organic greenhouse in their Pennsylvania farm land. Like us, Toigo strives for sustainability, including water reuse, by-product recycling, and minimization of greenhouse gases.

Trickling Springs Creamery
We are so proud to associate with Trickling Springs Creamery, which was established in 2001 and requires grass-fed, heritage breed cows to produce superbly clean milk with no synthetic hormones. Trickling Springs dairy products are as minimally processed as possible – they were ahead of their time to remove carrageenan by 2016- and the flavor difference shows.

Edwards Country Ham
Edwards Virginia Smokehouse epitomizes the best of Virginia’s smoked meats traditions. Since the 1920s, the Edwards family has been responsible for some of the Mid-Atlantic’s best smoked ham, bacon, and sausage. Try it with our from-scratch southern biscuits and red pepper jelly for a true Virginia treat.

Papa Weaver’s Pork
Straight out of Orange, VA, Papa Weaver’s pork is a seventh generation farm originally owned by James Madison. Their products are lean and guaranteed to be free of preservatives, additives, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. We love to use their chorizo in our Texan breakfast burritos.

Cherry Glen Farms
Cherry Glen Farm is a 58 acre farm in Montgomery County, MD, known for their award winning goats, their milk, and the cheese they make from their national champions! Try their Ash Chevre in one of our seasonal salads or whipped into polenta for a warm and hearty side.

Ayrshire Farms
Based in Upperville, VA, Ayrshire farms is a certified organic and certified humane farm specializing in rare and endangered breeds of livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. Ayrshire farms is known for introducing native tress, plants, and grasses as woodland cover and natural wildlife for their heritage breeds to grow.

Polyface Farms
Polyface means “many faces” and reflects this farms’ dedication to humane and sustainable raising of hens, turkeys, chicken, rabbits, beef, and pork. Polyface is committed to transparency in their methods of raising animals by using what they call “Nature’s Template”, included grass-based, earthworm enhanced, species-individualized raising of local and heritage animal breeds.

Lumi Juice
Those of our clients seeking the highest in micronutrient retention in their juices need look no further than Lumi Juices from Charlottesville, VA. Composed of only organic fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed through high pressure processing and never pasteurized, Lumi’s juices preserve the best of raw produce by maintaining vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Route 11 Potato Chips
Route 11 Chips are cooked in small batches in 100% expeller-pressed and high-oleic (that means the good fatty acids) sunflower oil and dusted with all natural unrefined salt for a delicious golden chip with a perfect crunch. We like that they’re local to Virginia, rated a top chip by Bon Appetit, and strive for zero waste and sustainability. 

Virginia Artesian Water
Artesian wells collect water from deep and protected aquifers for water that is known for its purity, taste, and balance. Virginia Artesian Water is known for its perfect FDA and Virginia inspect reports indicating a complete absence of impurities and harmful elements found in other brands of bottled water. Because it’s bottled at the source, this water is sustainable and environmentally friendly, a fact further cemented by their use of entirely recyclable packaging.

Willowsford Farm
Based out of Ashburn, VA, the WIllowsford farms and conservancy were based on sustainability and ecological responsibility. They provide weekly produce through CSA’s to the region and are responsible for some of our best produce, eggs, and chicken.