Welcome to Root & Stem’s blog. We called it Salt of the Earth, because we think that is what you are going to find here. The Salt of the Earth is a collective of people that put passion and pride into their work. This blog is not going to be a typical company blog where we get on our high horse and tell you how great we are and how we do everything so well. You are already at our website, so you have either heard of our reputation of great food & service or you’re getting ready to use us and you will see for yourself.

This blog is going to be what we think of our inspiration or what we feel are truly unique and genuine items. We are inspired by the area, the changing seasons, local food, craft beer, vintage wines, and so much more. We want to share what inspires us and pull back the curtain into our lives.

Our entries will include farmer’s market reports; we visit the local markets and blog about what’s in season and ideas for how to use the product. We will highlight some of our great local vendors; visit their farms and the people behind the food we serve. We will sprinkle in some of the behind the scenes of Root & Stem, the events we cater, and the people that make our company what it is.