Good Morning Craig and Zac! I Love this!!  I knew you guys were different the first time I tasted your food! I personally believe in “eating in season” and working with local farmers and suppliers! Not that you are interested in this but, being the foodie that I am, I support local Farmers and sustainable fish and the concept of meats being properly handled! As you know, one of my many hats that I wear here on the job, is ordering the catering we need.  Working with a budget that I have to stick to, can at times be frustrating for me simply because I feel everyone should eat in season and support local farmers etc. There is no way around the cost of this and well, I am doing my best to try and purchase very good food and not just the run of the mill food. It’s all about getting the people to TASTE the difference! Anyway, just think you guys have a good thing going!

Zac- A quick note during the break to let you know how many people just came out of the working lunch raving about the food.  They said this is by far the best lunch they have ever had at one of these things.  Way to go!