Our Purveyors
We believe in sourcing from vendors that care about their products and service first and foremost. Quality is paramount in everything that we put our name on. All of our seasonal menus begin with the best possible ingredients. Much of what we provide comes from the Mid Atlantic farms and fisheries that go the extra mile to ensure their product is fresh and wholesome. It also includes our equipment companies and beverage distributors that are always creating and sourcing new and unique products that we use for our clients. We believe that you can see, feel and taste this difference.
We like to thank the following companies for providing their products, services and inspiration to us:



The Chef’s Warehouse Columbia, MD Uptown Bakers Hyattsville, MD
Profish Washington, DC Tuscarora Organic Growers Huntstown, PA
Westmoreland Berry Farms Colonial Beach, VA Toigo Orchards Shippensburg, PA
Huntsman Specialty Springfield, VA Trickling Springs Creamery Chambersburg, PA
Potomac Vegetable Farms Leesburg, VA Edwards Country Ham Surry, VA
Keswick Farms Dragon Creek Aquafarm Montross, VA
DC Rental Arlington, VA Papa Weaver’s Pork Orange, VA
Artisan Truffles Reston, VA JLB Floral Alexandria, VA
Thumann’s Meats Carlstadt, NJ Cherry Glen Farms Boyds, MD
LynnVale Studios Flower Farm Gainesville VA  

Good Morning Craig and Zac! I Love this!!  I knew you guys were different the first time I tasted your food! I personally believe in “eating in season” and working with local farmers and suppliers! Not that you are interested in this but, being the foodie that I am, I support local Farmers and sustainable fish and the concept of meats being properly handled!